2016 Porsche Cayman is a great solution for those who want to have real race on the road. First of all, its appearance indicates that it is ready to take a lead in a fast-moving car lineups. Its aerodynamic body slanting from the front to the back is so smooth and fully-engineered. In accomplishment, this car also cooperates a wide, sporty grille with daytime running LED as accent. To complete the look, there is an air intake in the side. This coupe Cayman is considered as sporty and fast car in GT lineup. That is to say, its performance when talking about the speed, acceleration, and handling is superb.

The mid-engine car with rear-wheel drive is considered as roadster on the road. With this specification, it is no wonder why this car can gain such stable performance. In companion, there is also a flat engine of 3.8 liter that can generate power of 380 hp. 2016 Porsche Cayman is targeted for those who need speed. For that, the manual transmission is provided for achieving better acceleration and such. Considering the advance of automatic transmission nowadays, it actually makes the car slightly thirsty especially for reckless driving. However, it has nothing to do with the car itself.

Based on several experiences who have been driving this car, it is found out that it does not make driver comfortable. It is due to suspension system that is quite stiff. It is imaginable what will happen to the driver’s back after driving several hours. Indeed, it is not really comfortable to drive this car because it is designed to stick stiffly on ground. After all, 2016 Porsche Cayman offers excellent stability that is even comparable to the 911 version. Just for additional information, this car can run up to 180 mph and more depending on the customisation done.

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