BMW is planning to offer a new sports car in the next two years with a new wagon edition of its M3 car:

British publication Autocar reports the M3 Touring model has been pencilled for production as a rival to the Audi RS4 Avant and Mercedes-AMG C63 Estate. It will join a revised 3 Series Touring line-up that is set to be unveiled as early as the Geneva motor show in March.

The ‘G21’ 3 Series wagon will reportedly adopt elements of the 5 Series Touring design, along with practical solutions like ‘pop-up tailgate glass’ – a la Toyota 4Runner – which will allow small bags to be dropped into the boot without opening the entire hatch door.
Citing insider information, Autocar says an M3 Touring is finally being considered because developmental costs will be minimal, and the concept would be a solid match for European buyers.


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